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Wear testing machine

Wear testing machine

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Product Details
  • Place of Origin:  tianjin
  • Brand Name:  flora
  • Model Number:  FLR-Y16

Flora science and technology EN1811 nickel release volume tester nickel release wear tester


The commodity price is only show price, based on bare metal prices, the measurement instrument based on different industry needs, the corresponding technical parameters will be different, the price of the corresponding cost will be increased, so the final price you see is not the product. So to bring you the inconvenience, please do not mind. We are willing to offer the best price, best service to help you, please contact our customer service phone before buying 13809279727 or QQ:271294729 to confirm the product performance, technical parameters and quotation, thank you for your support!

[introduction] [introduction]

Nickel release test wear tester EN, 1811:2011 EN12472:2005

Nickel release abrasion tester for the EN12472:2005 determination of coating covering material of nickel release simulation of wear and corrosion test method and standard ISO 12870:2004 ophthalmic optics - spectacle frame - Requirements and test methods for the design specifications meet the requirements of the two standards.

[technical indicators]

1, controller: advanced touch control.

2, the rotation speed: 30 2 revolutions per minute.

3, carrying capacity: high performance motor, carrying capacity of 10kg, to provide stable speed.

4, time setting: can set the positive turn and reverse time.

5, to remind: the task to complete the function of timing.

6, size: width: 72 cm (W) thickness: 38 cm (D) high: 40 (CM) (H).

7, weight: 30 kg.

8, annex: double fixation rack rack sample plastic ribbon silicon rubber pad.

9, other configurations: abrasive (10kg) abrasive adhesive (1kg).

10, power: AC220V.

  • Place of Origin:  tianjin
  • Brand Name:  flora
  • Model Number:  FLR-Y16
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